Svelte components are hard made easy

A Visual Studio Code Extension that visualizes your components as you code

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Open files from your tree

Easily locate components by clicking respective nodes and instantly traverse through files


See your props

Monitor multi-level prop elements by hovering over each node


Change your tree root

Switch root node to visualize smaller sections of a project's component structure


On-Click updates

Effortlessly integrate additional components into the tree by clicking the update button to ensure seamless re-rendering of your changes


Tech Stack

VS Code

A highly versatile and speedy code editor with an extensive plugin ecosystem, favored by developers for its efficiency and ease of use.


Cutting-edge JavaScript framework known for its minimalistic approach and exceptional performance, enabling developers to build powerful web applications with ease.


Dynamic data visualization library for JavaScript, known for its flexibility and ability to create stunning interactive graphics and charts.

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Lumeng Li

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Kris Fragata

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Caleb Belkin

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